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This pic defines Gandikotta. The gorge, rocky terrains and an enchanting Sunrise. Witnessing the Sun appear just above the gorge made that Sunday morning blissful!

I have been experimenting with the lens, trying to learn. When a sun streak is captured, I find it very satisfying. What kind of captures satisfy you?

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I wanted to portray something through this pic. I have tried to use the heart drawn for Afsar and Sumaya to show a different type of love. Who are they you ask? They are those love birds who thought drawing a heart on a heritage monument would solidify their love.

Anyways, can you guess what I'm trying to portray in this pic?

This pic was taken at Gandikota. Most of the people were admiring the canyon while we were trying to find a good vantage point to see the Sunset.

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An Avian Affair with Nal Sarovar

Nal Sarovar is a bird sanctuary in Gujarat. Located at a distance of 60 KMs from Ahmedabad, Nal Sarovar makes an ideal destination for bird lovers looking for a day trip. I remember visiting Nal Sarovar 15 years back. It still is one of my most memorable childhood memories.

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The 5th post in the ongoing series portraying reflections at Nal Sarovar. Who else wants to go fishing?

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The 4th post of this ongoing series defines Nal Sarovar at it's best. Hundreds of chirping birds, tall grass peeking out of the marsh, boats parked in pockets of water, happy birdwatchers and a boatman, carrying a 20 feet long bamboo stick to navigate the waters.

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This is the 3rd post in the ongoing series. Nal sarovar was not only about spotting birds and reveling in their chirps, but also admiring a gorgeous sunrise, mist covered horizon and absolute serenity.

I made sure to reach Nal Sarovar before sunrise to witness a glowing horizon from a boat, parked mid-lake. Also, people start pouring in after 8 AM. So, better start early! For views like this, I don't mind being a morning person!

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Reflections at Nal Sarovar.

Many times, I plan to reach a place before sunrise, but rarely make it. I was glad I was able to reach Nal Sarovar before sunrise and witness the reflections becoming grander as the Sun covers the sky with an orange tint. This pic was taken at the starting point of the boat ride in Nal Sarovar, just before the Sun started dominating the horizon.

In the next few posts, I'll take you through my recent visit to Nal Sarovar, a bird sanctuary in Gujarat.

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Road tripping to Spiti was tough. The experience was so overwhelming, I have not been able to start writing about it.

Finally, this long weekend is earmarked for Spiti blogs! Stay tuned.

What's for lunch? Fresh fish!

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Who else loves Goa? Are you going to Goa for New Years?

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Beautiful sights while cruising on Periyar Lake.

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A Taste of Adventure & Spice in Thekkady with Carmelia Haven Resort - Travelmax

Thekkady in Kerala impressed me a lot while staying at Carmelia Haven! The surrounding Spice Plantations and a slight nip in the air created an adorable setup. A company of stars dotted on the dark sky made the experience perfect!

A lot of adventures also accompanied the blissful stay. Read the blog post to find out :)


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Sunrays, no less than magical! View from our Homestay in Kullu.
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While hiking in Chichum village, Spiti. #travel #spiti

Just back from a lovely homestay in Wayanad, Dare Nature 5000. An awesome experience indeed! #Wayanadonwheels

This weekend's plan is Wayanad bike trip and the weather couldn't be better!

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With views like this, who would want to return to cities?

Anegundi - Discovering the offbeat side of Hampi - My Experience & Tips

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An Awesome Weekend at Bamboo Rustles Homestay

I have been to almost every hill station around Bangalore. Coorg, Wayanad, Chikmangalur and more. But, all these are at least 5 hours away from Bangalore. Without a long weekend, it becomes difficult to travel this far and not get exhausted from driving.

Bamboo Rustles near Krishnagiri appears as savior here. Just a 100 KMs away from Bangalore, this rustic home stay would be your perfect weekend getaway.

The two main attractions around this home stay is a hilltop, which offers you a 360 degree panoramic view. You can see Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra from top. Another attraction is a lake nearby where you can kayak and swim leisurely. A great option! Reach out to me for a good deal. Cheers!

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As millennials say these days, beautiful AF.
Am I using it right?

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An interesting short video about the living roots in Meghalaya!


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Chilling at Hampi

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Leh Throwback!

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